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Zeus Technology is a media monetization platform that levels the playing field for publishers and advertisers of all sizes.
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The next-generation advertising framework with a lightning-fast rendering engine that increases content monetization by delivering unsurpassed ad viewability and performance.


Optimize user experience through lighter scripts that accelerate ad load times


Unlock highly viewable, more valuable ad supply with custom integrations and predictive loading


Increase site revenue with superior ad delivery while also reducing fixed costs and overhead


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Average CPM Increase

Scale powered by performance.

Every day, Zeus Technology empowers more publishers and reaches new audiences.

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A marketplace of premium publishers leveraging the guaranteed high-quality supply of Zeus Performance and privacy-focused, contextually relevant targeting capabilities of Zeus Insights through an automated-direct portal.


Guarantee quality inventory at scale without sacrificing performance


Launch targeted, revenue-generating campaigns at scale in seconds

Cookieless targeting

Utilize contextual advertising to deliver targeted and relevant ads without compromising user privacy

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Zeus Technology disrupts the status quo.

Zeus Technology disrupts the status quo.

Backed by The Washington Post, Zeus Technology is committed to continuous innovation that prioritizes user experience and the long-term profitability of our clients.

“Zeus has allowed Snopes to take back full control of our advertising stack. Zeus Performance enables us to serve over 30% fewer ads per page and while still improving yield dramatically compared to our previous wrapper solution”

Ryan Miller   VP, Advertising Snopes

“Zeus understands the news business versus a pure tech player. Zeus Performance helps us to significantly improve our ad performance which quickly translates into additional revenue for our business.”

Mike Orren   Chief Product Officer The Dallas Morning News

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